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RPG Discount Rx Card Benefits of Use

Note: The Rx Discount card is not Insurance.

Member Services: 888-532-3299 Rx Group: RX162 Place the card in a protective sleeve.

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"Positive thinking will let you do

everything better than negative

thinking will."

Zig Ziglar

RPG Discount Rx card

Youngevity and Teladoc = Value

.(Discount Rx is not associated with RPG below)

Pre-existing conditions accepted
No Expiration Date
No Deductible
No Medical Questions
No Paperwork

Youngevity Travel

​Youngevity Telecare-TeLADOC

Discount Rx Card For Business And Family

Plus Additional Merchants

Free Membership
Save up to 75%
Accepted at All Major Pharmacies
Customer Service Assistance

Youngevity Telecare & Discount Rx

Discount Rx for your Business & Family

Managed by RPG and their Partners

There are no Fees for this Rx Option

​Mobile App and Mail Order Options

 Generic Rx Options if Perscribed

Luggage Storage

PMP Exam Simulator and an Extensive Exam Selection

PMP Exam